Allotta Creations presents programs that are all about the power of creativity as it relates to your health and well-being. Creativity cultivates self-awareness which results in profound improvement by strengthening brain functioning and immunity, as well as a reduction in stress and pain. ​We encourage you to participate in our creative activities and resources so that you can explore and discover how self-awareness can be helpful in your life.

Cooking as Medicine (focus on digestive-awareness) and Planetary Personalities (focus on health, life,  
and introspection) are two sources where we combine both ancient and modern science in new and creative ways. As a result of your participation, you'll determine what works best for you through the intuitive power of self-exploration and self-discovery. And to keep creativity challenging your inner awareness, you'll meet an assortment of characters who find their way through entertaining and humorous activities to make your time with us adventurous and rewarding.

And don't be surprised that to keep creativity enticing and inspiring, you just might find yourself going beyond earth and into the cosmos to meet up with the spiritual side of science and logic.

Creativity Improves 
Your Health... 

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