Sometimes, we keep walking the same complacent path forgetting how fast the creative heart is beating, until finally it leaps out in a new direction that eventually, even the feet will follow....

Self-Awareness is activated through creativity and stirs a spiritual awareness in us--one that creates a new way of listening and doing things, where new ideas and expressions foster a desire to know more about ourselves than what we’ve been taught. Think of Allotta Creations as a creative connection somewhere between modern-day life, the out-of-the-ordinary, and the divine.

Over and over again, creativity brings great rewards but it does take an a seeking mind to look within and see things differently from what we've been taught regarding what we can or can't do, or what can or can't happen.  Allotta Creations uses creativity and tactile experiences to look beyond knowing what we can't do rather we've set the stage to experience what's NEW and different and sometimes what's new comes from the past.

Sometimes, creativity happens when ancient secrets inspire ideas that create the future.

There's undisputed value in creativity where it seems natural to tap into the good intent and great ideas coming from your own creative spirit. It is after-all our natural desire to innovate, to explore new ways of doing things, to go in a different direction, to stand-alone undisturbed sometimes, to see what’s there, to evaluate, and to decide for ourselves what’s good for us and to express our discoveries. 

A creative spirit can keep you company when you’re feeling alone, it inspires you to be greater, it gives a feeling of excitement and instead of giving up when pooh'd by others, it holds you up by creating even more ideas. 

Creativity taps the unconscious mind which is a storehouse of everything you’ve been taught to know, including things you can't readily call into your conscious awareness, especially when applied to your health. The benefit of awareness is intuition which has its own form of communication. It goes beyond words, including rich feelings and deep imagery of the senses that send signals waiting for self-awareness. There are many reasons people benefit from self-awareness. It can be a tool to understand what's on the inside (body, mind and spirit). It can also be a way to associate a common thread with the Universe, to see a planet;s personality with the same beating energy as yourself, digesting everything around itself, and just as concerned with proper functioning for its survival as proper functioning is to your health. Awareness whispers it never shouts; it digests, assimilates and absorbs everything, every word, every feeling, and every action around you.

Allotta Creations offers creative activities for you to find your self-awareness by enjoying our creative outlets like:

         Cooking as Medicine and Planteary Personalities

You'll find that without even trying, self-awareness opens minds to new understandings for your health, personal growth, deeper spiritual experiences, and so much more.  Join us and see for yourself!
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